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  • Is the company website always recently updated?
    Yes! The Coastline Charms, Digital Media department is always trying to improve their website and share the most recent special! We hope you come again and visit our website for any new deals or products!
  • Are the beach jewelry clean to wear without worrying about bacteria from the shores?
    Yes! To clean our jewelry, we use a mild detergent to keep the color design beautiful, ammonia, and soft brushes. So let's go outside and show off our beautiful beach jewelry!
  • How are your beach jewelry design or craft?
    Coastline Charms work with the local artist within California, who craft and design our jewelry. We also help support passion! By allowing starting creative individuals a chance within partnership commitment!
  • Where do you get your material?
    Here at Coastline Charms, we host local events within California beaches! We partner with the Beach clean-up organization. We collect pounds of glass every day! Our 1 for one program also helps support "collecting" material cleaning our beaches!
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