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The Problem

The problem is that plastics accumulate in our oceans and on our beaches, which seems to start a global crisis. The "Center for Biological Diversity" estimates that by 2050, plastics will overweight all the fish within our seas.  The effects are world-wide because experiences at beaches will become less enjoyable when plastics are bumping among your space/oceanic environment. However, an updated analysis states that there are about 5.25 trillions micro pieces of plastics in our oceans (2020). 

Our Solution

Coastline Charms solution is to obtain plenty of plastics around beaches and oceans. The GOAL is to gain a mass amount of waste, in which the difference is-viewed by volunteers, communities, and the public. Our process then transfers the waste to local artists, who design and produce unique jewelry for consumers BEACH STYLE! However, the plastics that are unable to be used are-distributed to biotechnology companies, which has a microbe that eliminates plastics. Also, with the money of the products, we then return it to the companies, supporting the supplies and employees that allow the process to continue smoothly. 

Jewelry Accessories

Coastline Charms

Sunset on the Beach

Our Community

Coastline Charms create a friendly community during public events because we participate with consumers in a beach clean-up but also work with other Non-profit organization events. We connect friendly but also familiar faces within each event with the passion to-fix an issue among our beaches from polluted plastic waste. We also support unique artists by considering local craft-able artists! 

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